Sunday, July 5, 2015



In this picture tutorial I teach you how to create the Braided Headband, one of my most highly requested hair tutorials.

Step 1: Section out a piece of hair from behind the ear.  The thicker the section, the thicker your Braided Headband will be.

Step 2: Braid the hair all the way down and secure it with a clear elastic, leaving about an inch of hair left at the end.

Step 3: Pull the braid apart to make it bigger by holding the bottom of the strand and pulling the pieces of the braid out one by one.

Step 4: Place some hair in front of the braid and leave some behind it.

Step 5: Pull the braid over the head and position it the way you like it.

Step 6: Place the end of the braid behind the ear and bobby pin it until it feels secure.

Step 7: Pull the braid apart again, making sure all of the braid looks evenly pulled apart.

Step 8: Place hair over the area to cover the bobby pinned end of the braid.

That's the Braided Headband.  It's quick, easy, and super cute for summer. Enjoy!