Tuesday, December 29, 2015



Here are some of my favorite hairstyles from 2015:

This is one of my very favorite hair pictures ever! It is with two of my good friends and me. We have a half up dutch braid into a messy bun. I even have a YouTube tutorial on this hairstyle! Here is the link: https://youtu.be/qMQs2QVSrr8

 I did lots of heart hairstyles in February for Valentine's Day.  It was so much fun creating hearts with hair! All of my heart hairstyles are under the hashtag #HannahHairstylesHearts on Instagram.

This hairstyle is a mix of my two very favorites, dutch braids and messy buns!

This year I learned how to do the Elastic Braid. I love the way this braid looks! In this picture, I have an elastic braid at the beach on my trip to California this summer. I also have a YouTube tutorial on this hairstyle! Here is the link: https://youtu.be/Pjl_Pq8ZvMQ

 Here's another one of my favorite hair pictures. I wore my hair like this on the 4th of July!

During the summer I taught a hair class at girls camp. I taught the dutch braid and many more hairstyles. Here are some dutch braids I did on some of my friends. I love camping hair!

This is a 5 strand braid I did on myself for a fun hike!

I did this hairstyle on my cousin Caitlin. We both love doing hair and it is fun to try hairstyles on each other. This is a fishtail tieback into a fishtail, with flowers.

This is one of my favorite active hairstyles I did this year, a dutch braid into a high ponytail. Perfect for sports and exercising!

This is one of my favorite braids of the year. This year I discovered that you can pull a french braid apart to look similar to a dutch braid. It is a fun hair technique!

I am obsessed with dutch braids, but I also love dutch lace braids. This is the same thing as a dutch braid, but you only pull hair from one side of the braid, instead of both sides.

This is how I had my hair on Thanksgiving! It is two dutch braids into a half up messy bun.

Those are some of my favorite hairstyles of the year. Thanks for following along! I'm excited for what's to come in 2016!

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